Friday, May 14, 2010

Condolences, CCC

I'm just learnt about what happened to your dad through text.
Deep condolences CC, hang in there aight!
Really sorry i couldn't make if for your dad's funeral....
Just to let you know....
You're not only one of the best senior i'd ever had, you a mentor, a role model, and a good friend.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Guess Who's Back??

Its been half a year since I last blogged.
Well now I'm back!!

New wrapping, new look, new title, same ol' guy writing the same bullshit. So what do you think bout my new template huh?

It's been a super busy (and lazy) year for me. Not to say I'm so busy that i got no time to eat or shit la, but its just that for me, I felt kinda tied with the whole blogging thingy. You need to maintain it, update it, edit post, publish post, arrrghhh like you have strings attached. Like keeping a pet or something. Sort off lah!

Well then you may ask "why in the world are you blogging right now if you're getting bored of it?".
Well cuz I'm working and working is boring and things either come in a bunch or they don't come at all. So since I've finally got past all the assignments and tests and finals and left Penang for internship, the only thing i can do right now in the office is to blog.

There's a lot of things to update but let's leave it all for next time. Updates soon on my internship

Adios people!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Look

Or should i say.....old look?
I cut my hair today. The first thing that came into my mind when i woke up today, was to cut my hair.
Given that Im very fickle minded, I went to the saloon without hesitation. My brain doesn't think too much when I just woke up.

Haha so there it is, went down to the saloon straight away, and had all my fringes cut off.
Some laughed, some said I am the me on the first week of my uni life, all quiet, boyish, nerdy looking dude.

There's 3 papers coming, gotta go.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe @ Batu Ferringhi

Yes yes!! Its the grand opening of Hard Rock Cafe at.....well you've guessed it, Hard Rock Hotel in Batu Ferringhi.

Located in the Pearl of Orient, Hard Rock Hotel Penang is iconic, bringing the multicultural Penang to new heights with its authentic Hard Rock experience. This hip and trendy resort in Penang is suitable for families, couples and singles for their relaxing accommodations.

It was our utmost pleasure to be invited to perform for the opening ceremony of Hard Rock Cafe. Being one of the most famous chain restaurant on the globe, it surely is one of the highlights in our memorabilia.

Our high expectations didn't go into waste. As soon as we've reached the hotel, we were greeted with rides, that are not norm in the roads of Penang.


DB9 Aston Martin

Classic Ferrari

Hummer SUV

Tonnes of Mr Harley's Cycle

There's only one thing to feel about being a part of the opening ceremony....Feels utterly great. Although we're only performing for like 10minutes or so, we're being treated more like guests rather than performers here. The best thing is that we're allowed to wander around, take pics, chill around and all.

The opening ceremony starts at night, and we were there since 2 pm. Rehearsal was at 3pm and it lasted only for like 30 mins. So we had only one thing to do during the hours before the opening ceremony. Explore.
Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Cafe (Yes that's Michael Jackson you're looking at)

Symbolic Icon of Hard Rock

Hard Rockers!

Beach View of Hard Rock (The pool is pretty cool, its like an artificial beach)

Us being us

So this is what we did, walk around, sight seeing, chat and take pictures. It was like some sort of free getaway for a few hours. Finally, the opening ceremony finally begun. Due to lots of VVIPs on the invitation list, we've waited for another hour before the event can finally begin, non other than our Chief Minister Lim. But there's not much to be said of, he's a busy man, driving all the way down the narrow road in Batu Ferringhi, on a Saturday night, guarded with tonnes of securities and police officers.

Speaking of the ceremony, it was too bad that we didnt take any pictures or videos. Due to our culture and the dominance of chinese people in Penang, they were greeted with Lion Dance, chinese drums, malay kompangs, and other malay instruments that I do not know the names. The finale of the opening, what else?? Breaking guitars into pieces of course!!

Night view of Hard Rock Hotel

It was a fun day indeed. Tiring indeed, but it was fun to get away from computers, books and our little boundaries. There were some disappointment though, like our expectation to the hotel's interior design. It wasn't as grand, or shall I say ROCK enough like what we've anticipation. But the opening ceremony for Hard Rock Cafe was great indeed. And for sure, we've decided to leave a final mark before leaving the event.

Screwing up with MJ's statue

(No offence MJ. You've rocked the world)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Long long month

Its been a long while since i last updated my blog.

2 weeks back was like a hell to me. Projects and tests, they all took a toll on me. For the last 2 weeks, especially last week, I've only slept for approx 3 hours per day, maybe less sometimes.

Well actually it is more of my own procrastination. Imagine 4 final projects, given the whole semester to finish it up, its done in just one week. The best part it, the due date is for all is on the freaking same week.

Then there were tests as well. Doing projects, and part of your mind just keep thinking of those tests, which so much limited time to study, it makes you confine and stress your mentality. Studying early in the morning, doing projects at night, sleeping at the wake of the chickens' clucking.

Drum performances! Urrgghhh. Its freaking fun to perform outside; free food, lotsa sight seeing, but during these busy periods, its not that fun at all. What makes it worst is that sometimes its hard to reject when you're being called for.

Then there was USM Fencing Closed. The competition was mainly to test out where our level are so far, and well i was glad to win in men's epee. But honestly i felt that wasn't really fair competition, pk was injured in the finals. The worse thing about this competition is about my mental strength, its a total contrast to my physical.

There's a lot that happened during these two weeks too. Its hard to blog all of them out. Frustration, arguments, emo-ness, grumpiness became a part of me, and for most of the people here as fatigue and stress were draining our conscience and moral.

Now that all are over, its time go look forward to the finals, which is coming in 2 weeks time. Time study, time to change my attitude